My Secret Formula Of Content Writing — You Must Try!

Rohit Thakur
2 min readDec 3, 2020

When I was a beginner in the digital marketing field, I was thinking it’s very hard to writing content, but when I started to analyze content writing there is nothing to think more about content writing.

The Image Creation Platform

Most authors are say’s only one thing “Write A Content From Your Heart”.

Writing content it’s like Writing A Personal Diary, I hope you are thinking like I’m kidding but not. In this digital era, there are lots of people who are writing content from a daily perspective.

What’re People Accomplish Into The Web Searches!

Into the internet world, people are searching for their solutions, let’s assume “If you want to buy an Android mobile phone” you might be searched like this? “What are the new features of Android mobile”, “How can I change the font of my mobile”, “Why should I buy a new iPhone” I’m not sure, but people are searching on the web as on based on issues that are faced in real-time.

Read At Least 5–6 Article?

When it’s come to jumping on writing content, then what I accomplish first, analyze the content of my competitors, why I’m doing this because I want to write an article better than my competitors.

Before writing content read 5–6 articles to consume, and you will able to write an article that bases on the amazing level of content.

Engaging Post

Users need something new when the readers came to your website or blog, the user will be must engage with your blog. Don’t worry I have tips for you. then you must use images, infographics, videos, sometimes it also works very well (podcast) to engage your audience.

Make sure whatever you creating is in the form of simple formate!


Have you ever read any bestselling books? i know you are a great read that's the main reason you have landed here to learn something new.

Know what when we read a bestselling author's book what the common thing I have seen, most of the authors sharing their thoughts through the story about what they actually experienced in the past.

Sharing your thoughts by storytelling is great stuff to grab the attention of readers.

Followed the same rule while creating the videos.

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